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Jivana as one



Jivana as one has landed in Canada!

For only a limited time will be near Bourbon Street in the mall 

West Edmonton Mall

1755, 8882 170 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

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 mind body spirit festival

Jivana-as-one attended the Mind Body Spirit Festival at the Exhibition Center Sydney

Jivana-as-one Sponsorship

jivana-as-one yoga mats proud sponsor of yoga aid

Jivana-as-one is a proud sponsor of Yoga Aid Australia

Yoga Sports Association Australia

yoga sports association australia sponsored by jivana-as-one yoga mats

Jivana-as-one is a proud sponsor of the Bishnu Charan Ghosh Australian Regional Yoga Asana Championships


Jivana-as-one Infinity Yoga Mats

Jivana-as-one is devoted to creating a greater awareness of the connectedness of all life on earth. Committed to giving back to Mother Earth through each purchase, Jivana-as-one provides the world’s most luxurious, soft, sanitary, durable yoga mat available.

Designed by yoga lovers for yoga lovers, the convenience of having a unique yoga mat and towel all-in-one, Jivana-as-one connects you spiritually, naturally and physically with one's core for a truly united yoga experience.


Buy Infinity eco friendly Yoga Mats

Infinity Yoga Mats

  • No towel required
  • Anti-bacterial, odor free, hypo allergenic fabric
  • Waterproof durable multi layer construction
  • 100% eco-friendly silicon nubs for mat stability on all surfaces
  • Wicks away excess moisture from the body
  • Washer/Dryer friendly
  • 1% of proceeds donated to charity
  • Please note this beautiful product is NOT a towel it is a YOGA MAT
  • Patent Pending